Monday, December 24, 2007

Wayuu Video: The people and their native land

The Wayuu are the largest single native group in Venezuela and live on both sides of the border with Colombia. Their ancestral home in the Guajira Peninsula is a harsh land of hot sun and baking deserts and they live from herding goats and sheep, fishing, hunting and the weaving of colourful hammocks and bags, called susu. They refuse to recognize the border which separates the two countries and are also famed for their smuggling activities. The women paint their faces to protect them from the sun and wear brightly-coloured mantas, baggy dresses which reach to the floor.

Wayuu Myth 1: The Way of the Dead Indians

Wayuu Myth 2: Pulowi and the Jewels

Wayuu Myth 3: Kasipoluin the Rainbow

Wayuu Myth 4: The Origin of Fire


Nira said...

Good words.

Anonymous said...

Excellent blog. Glad to find someone who shares my love for this amazing country. Keep it up!

Sarah said...

Thank You so much for writing down the myths and the legends of the Wayuu people of Venezuela. I was on exchange there when I was 17 and now wanting to teach a unit on the natives of Venezuela to compare with the natives of Alaska where I am now living. You are an amazing resource!!